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Six songs by CDE, arranged and produced by CDE and Chad Watson. Chad on bass, trombone, vocals and guitar. Maxwell Butler on piano and organ. George Van Wagner on guitar. Fernando Perdomo guitar on track 1. Al Bonhomme guitar on track 3. John Molo on drums, Owen Goldman drums on track 4. Dennis Mitcheltree on tenor sax. CDE trumpet. Pam Loe vocals on track 6. Lead vocalists:
1.) Terry "Smiddy" Smith
2.) Maureen Davis, Claire Goh

3.) Michael Monroe Goodman
4.) John Pratt

5.) Maureen Davis

6.) David Morgan

Engineers: Alfonso Rodenas, Larry Antonino, JJ Blair, Eddie Hedges

Coyote Blues
00:00 / 05:31
If the Bottle Don't Bounce
00:00 / 02:54
The Right to Write a Love Song
00:00 / 03:06
One Man's Sushi
00:00 / 02:52
Ballin' the Jack
00:00 / 02:12
FIVE MEALS mastered
00:00 / 02:19
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