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Mike Patted the Bees

This collection of songs is offered in tribute to my older brother, Mike Elliott. Writing and recording this has meant a lot to me. It has been my chief catharsis in coming to terms with his death, and the process has been elemental to my finding north again. Half of these songs are new and half not so new, though all reside somewhere along the arc that connects sorrow to redemption. Thanks to Chad Watson and Brad Swanson for their brilliant playing and production, and for respecting how important it was for me to get this as right as I could.


Christopher Dean Elliott ‑ Vocal, acoustic guitar, flugelhorn / Chad Watson ‑ Acoustic and electric guitar, acoustic and electric bass, mandolin, piano, trombone, vocal / Brad Swanson ‑ Drums, vocal


Craig Eastman – violin, bass violin on “The Ballad of Lester Cooley,” violin on “I Must Be Irish,” “Father’s Day,” “Build a Better Life.” Don Randi ‑ piano on “Annie.” Jim Brock ‑ bodhran on “I Must Be Irish.” Pam Loe – vocal on “Lloyd’s Tune,” “I Must Be Irish.”

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