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The last in the body parts trilogy, Funnybone features funny songs that aren't dirty, a return my comedy orientation but without the potentially off-putting language found on the Pottymouth album. 

This is being recorded in Durham, New Hampshire with Rick Watson playing all instruments. He tried to keep a couple of my guitar tracks in there but it wasn't possible. 


I love this collection of songs. It represents the area where I am most comfortable in performance. Swearing in public is always risky and my ability to deliver a heavy message remains an area of insecurity for me. This is my dojo. Funny stuff that doesn't have a satirical angle can be pleasant, entertaining and escapist, perhaps not a bad combination for today's surreal realities.

I hope you enjoy these songs. I posted the final mix of "Internet Girlfriend" here as a teaser. "I Suck at My Phone," "Biker Bar Chick Fight" and "I Drank My Change" are just a few you can look forward to.

Internet Girlfriend - Christopher Dean Elliott
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