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Here are most of the tracks from the "Pottymouth" album. The ones not posted for download here are too much even for my stomach these days, so if you're hardcore, you'll have to chase down the CD. The planned rerelease of "Pottymouth" will not include these songs. They are truly horrible.

The musicians on this record are professionals, and the playing is excellent, but down the line they asked not to be identified on the CD jacket or in any print media or interviews about the project.


These seven songs are all just good, dirty fun, and there is comedy in each of them, not just gratuitous caca, doo-doo, pee-pee, dick-joke stuff. Enjoy some "Pottymouth!" It's fucking great!


One song from the Pottymouth release, "Kayak Asshole," was a finalist in the 2018 Comedy/Novelty category of the International Songwriting Competition, selected in a group of 300 from 16,000 entries and ended up an the honorable mention in the final tally. You can listen to that one here in its entirety.

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