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CDE, a Love Story.

Christopher Dean Elliott is a writer and musician living in Los Angeles. His current chief focus is the recording project, "Mike Patted the Bees," a collection of reflective songs about love, life, death and redemption. It is beautifully recorded with fine players, and has just been released.


"Pottymouth," on the other hand, features ten filthy comedy songs. It too is beautifully recorded and features outstanding musicianship, and while there may be some crossover appetite between the two recordings, there also may not.


Also underway is "Funnybone," a collection of comedy songs that aren’t dirty. It too, will be beautifully recorded and will feature outstanding musicianship. It should be completed by mid-summer.

In addition to being a writer/song singer, Christopher Dean Elliott is also an exciting spoken word artist. He can entertain a room for twenty minutes with his high-octane poetry and unconventional delivery before even picking up his guitar.


He is a favorite at several Los Angeles poetry readings and is likewise dreaded at others. There are some videos of Elliott performing on this site will let you know precisely what that means.

And then there’s the trumpet. Elliott has worked with blues legend Mighty Sam McClain, Texas R&B master Andy Chase Cundiff, and countless quality music groups across New England and Southern California. He has been in working bands for 35 years, and has done easily more than 2000 gigs as a trumpet player.


Notable trumpet gigs include a weeklong engagement as a trumpet player in the Green Zone in Baghdad in 2007 with “Groove Alliance.” It was at the height of the Patreus surge, and Elliott’s diary of the adventure, entitled “Trumpeter’s Week in a War Zone” ran as a centerpiece in the Sunday Boston Globe, and was among’s most heavily visited article series that year.


Elliott is likewise an experienced comedian, public speaker and toastmaster, and is comfortable running any event, large or small, from the microphone or the podium. He is always in good wit and usually in good cheer.

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